Black Fashion Designers

Have you visited the Black Fashion Designers Exhibition at The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)?  Co-curators Ariele Elia and Elizabeth Way did a superb job of exposing us to the challenges black designers face and their contributions. This exhibition covers eras from the 1950’s to the present.

I recently read an article about one of the featured designers, Ann Lowe, who designed Jackie Bouvier’s wedding gown. At that time Ann didn’t receive any recognition. Supposedly Jackie responded when asked who designed her gown that it was made by a colored woman.

Let us continue to welcome the value of diversity.

This exhibition runs through May 16, 2017




IMG_6608 - Copy.JPG
Eric Gaskins dress,  2014, USA   Gift of Eric Gaskins –  inspired by the painter Franz Kline. This white column gown is enhanced by tiny black bugle beads creating a black brush stroke effect.
This was my favorite piece in the exhibition – Olilvier Rouisteing dress made from handwoven raffia inspired by traditional wicker Cuban chairs.
Scott Barrie dress, circa 1973, USA, Gift of Naomi Sims
Ann Lowe, wedding dress, 1968, USA. Gift of Judith A. Tabler – Ann designed for many socialites




Paris-based designer Patrick Kelly dress, Fall/Winter 1986, France, Museum purchase . Patrick was influenced by his southern roots referencing here his grandmother’s use of mismatched buttons when mending the family’s clothing.


Who remembers Tina Turner (design by CD Green) wearing this dress in concert?